Bc. Pastoral 'Innocence' AM/AOS (Mademoiselle Louise Pauwels x Deesse)

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Bc. Pastoral 'Innocence' Classic large-flowered Cattleya with wonderful fragrance

SEASON: Can bloom anytime of year

TEMPS: Intermediate- Warm

WATERING: Frequent waterings over the brighter, warmer months and a dry-down between waterings during the cooler, darker months 

LIGHT:  Bright- Very bright filtered light

NOTE:  These are a clone population and should produce flowers exactly as pictured or described.  It should be understood that although we assure the identity of all of our plants culture plays a MAJOR part in orchid health and flower production and can affect the color and quality of flowers. Any photos shown are images of our actual plants that we have grown and represent the possibility of each plant under proper care but will NOT BE THE PLANT YOU RECEIVE. Please refer to the description of pot size/maturity for actual plant size


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