Current Orchid Availability





We will be moving all of our Orchids to the Website! This is a huge process and may take some time. If you do not see what you are looking for please reach out and I will get right back to you!

Clint Owner/Orchid Culture Specialist




  This is our most current availability as of 8/26/2019.  This is not a complete list of everything we grow, but the newest arrivals/releases. We are always adding new and exciting plants to our inventory. If an item is struck (a line through it) then we have very limited or no plants available but plan to have more in the future, you are more than welcome to ask about their availability.
  Please feel free to email me directly with questions, In most cases I respond very quickly!        
  Species/Grex Pot/Basket Size  
  Acinita beyrodtiana 6" b BS Fragrant  
NEW Aerangis articulata MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis biloba MOUNTS NBS/Seedligs Fragrant  
  Aerangis citrata 3" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis fastuosa MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis hayloides 2"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis James G. Coyner ('Orchid Dynasty' HCC/AOS x 'Opulant') second generation breeding 2"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis kotschyana x sib 2"-MOUNTS Seedling/NBS Fragrant  
  Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta 2"-MOUNTS BS    
  Aerangis mystacidii MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis somalensis x Aerangis mystacidii    BS Fragrant  
  Aerangis punctata MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Aerides odorata var alba x sib 2" NBS Fragrant  
  Aeranthes caudata x sib  3" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Aeranthes grandiflora x sib 4" NBS Fragrant  
  Aeranthes ramosa x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Amesiella minor MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Amesiella monticola MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Amesiella phillippinensis 2"-3"c BS Fragrant  
  Ames. Sparkling Jewel 'Valley Isle' x self  3"  BS Fragrant  
NEW Ancistrochillus rothschildianus 'Natural World' x sib 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum aloifolium MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum calceolus MOUNTS BS    
  Angraecum Crestwood 'Tomorrow Star' FCC/TOGA 6" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum dideri 4"c BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum distichum MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum eichlerianum x sib 3"  NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum eburneum (ebureum x commoroense) 4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum eburneum v. longicalcar 6" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum elephantinum x sib MOUNTS/2.5" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum equitans x sib MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Angraceum erectum MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum florulentum 2" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum germinyanum x sib MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum species (germinyanum type) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Angraceum infundibulare MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty ('Big Star' x sib.) 5-6" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum leonis MOUNTS/4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum Longidale (sesquipedale x longicalcar) 6" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum magdalanae 3-4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum magdalanae x Lemforde White Beauty 4" NBS Fragrant  
  Angraecum Scottish Lion (White Lioness x scottianum) 3.5"C BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum sesquipedale  4"-5" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum sesquipedale var. Augustifolia 'Orchid Dynasty' x sib  (compact form) 4-5" BS Fragrant  
  Angraecum viguieri MOUNTS/4" BS Fragrant  
  Ansellia africana 'Coco' x sib 4"/5" BS    
  Ansellia africana 'Dynasty' x self 4" BS    
  Arachnis flos-aeris var. insignis 3" b Seedling    
  Ascocentrum ampullaceum 'Mr. Del Rei' 4" BS    
  Ascocentrum christensonianum MOUNTS/4" BS    
  Ascocentrum curvifolium 3" NBS    
  Ascocentrum garayi MOUNTS NBS    
  Ascocentrum miniatum x sib MOUNTS BS    
  Ascocentrum pumilum MOUNTS BS    
  Ascocentrum pusilum 2" B BS    
  Ascochilopsis myosaurus MOUNTS BS    
  Baptistonia echinata x sib 3"  BS    
  Bifrenaria harrisoniae 'Orchid Dynasty' HCC/CCM/AOS 6-8" BS Fragrant  
  Brachtia andina 4" BS    
  Brassiocattleya Binosa (bicolor x nodosa) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola acaulis 4" BS/NBS Fragrant  
  Brassavola culculata 3-4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola David Sanders 4" BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola fragrans / tuberculata 3" BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola gardeneri 3"  BS Fragrant  
  Rl. digyana x sib  4"/5" BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola glauca x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Brassavola nodosa v. Majus  ('Susan Fuchs' FCC X 'Mas Major') 2"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Brassovola ovaliformis x self 3" b BS Fragrant  
  Brassovola perrinii  3" B-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Brassia gireoudiana 5" BS Fragrant  
  Brassia caudata v. alba ('Jem' AM/AOS x self) 5" BS Fragrant  
  Brassia Rex ( verrucosa x gireoudiana) 5" BS Fragrant  
  Brassia verrucosa 5" BS Fragrant  
  Broughtonia domingensis  2"-MOUNTS NBS    
  Bulb. arfakianum 3" BS    
  Bulb. bolsterii MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. burfordiense 4" BS    
  Bulb. contortisepalum 2.5"/MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. cornu-cervi 4" BS    
  Bulb. denisii 4" BS    
  Bulb. echinolabium 5"C BS    
  Bulb. Elizabeth Ann  6"B BS    
  Bulb. falcatum 'Standing Tall' JC/AOS (divisions) 4-5" BS    
  Bulb. fascinator x sib. (Philippine type) 4"-MOUNTS BS    
NEW Bulb. gracillimum 4.5"  BS    
  Bulb. hirundinis 2.5"/MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. laxiflorum MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. lobbii 'Dynasty' (divisions) 3.5" BS    
NEW Bulb. longiflorum 'A-doribil Gold' 5"  BS    
  Bulb. longissimum x sib 4-6" B BS    
NEW Bulb. longissimum (Thai vareity) 4" BS    
  Bulb. macrobulbum 'Magnifico' AM/AOS x self 3" NBS/BS    
NEW Bulb. masdevalliaceum 5" BS    
  Bulb. medusea x sib 4" BS    
  Bulb. macroleum (yellow type) MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. nipondii 4" BS    
  Bulb. ovaliformis  MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. pectin-veneris 3" BS    
  Bulb. phalaenopsis  4" B BS    
  Bulb. plumatum x sib 2.5"/MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. putidum 3" BS    
  Bulb. rothschildianum ('Red Chimney' x 'A-Doribil') 5"C BS    
  Bulbophyllum binnendinkii 2" Seedling    
  Bulbophyllum stormii MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. thaiorum MOUNTS BS    
  Bulb. tingabarianum 2" b NBS/BS    
NEW  Bl. Morning Glory 'H & R' x sib (B. nodosa x L. purpurata) 4" NBS/BS    
  C. aclandiae x sib (Many different lines) 3" b BS Fragrant  
  C. aclandiae '3141' x C. aclandiae  3" b BS Fragrant  
NEW C. aclandiae 'Black Mamba' x schilleriana 'Sebastian Ferrell'AM 2.5" Seedling Fragrant  
NEW C. aclandiae v. coerulea x guttata v. coerulea  2.5" Seedling Fragrant  
  C. araguaiensis 3.5" BS    
  C. aurantiaca  5" BS    
  C. aurantiaca 'I See Spots' (red spotted type) 2" Seedling    
  C. Bactia 'Grape Wax' 6" BS Fragrant  
  C. bowringiana ‘Exotix Grape’ x self 5-6"  BS    
NEW C. Brazilian Jewel (walkeriana v. coerulea  x nobilior v. amaliae) 3.5"  NBS/BS    
NEW C. Chocolate Drop 'Kadama' x self 3.5" NBS    
  C. Circle of Life 'Euterpe' x 'The Muses' 5" BS    
  C. deckeri var. Coerulea 5" BS    
  C. dormaniana 2-4"  BS    
  C. eldorado 3" NBS Fragrant  
  C. Final Touch 'Mendenhall', AM/AOS x 'Lemon Chiffon',AM/AOS 4" NBS/BS    
  C. gaskelliana var. coerulea 'Blue Dragon' x self  4" BS Fragrant  
  C. gaskelliana var. coerulea x self 4.5" NBS/BS Fragrant  
NEW C. gaskelliana semi alba ' Princelada' x self 4"      
  C. guttata 2" NBS Fragrant  
  C. Hardyana 'TOF1600' x Cattleya warscewiczii coerulea 4.5" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. intermedia fma. coerulea 'Big Mama' x Deep Blue' 4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. intermedia var alba ‘Penns Creek Cascade’ 6" BS Fragrant  
  C. iricolor  3" Seedling Fragrant  
  C. jenmanii fma. concolor 'Canaima's Smuggler'BM/JOGA x self  4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
NEW C. jenmanii v. coerulea x self 4"  NBS Fragrant  
NEW C. Jungle Nobility (C. nobilior x C. harrisoniana) 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  C. labiata Coerulea 'Natural World' AM/AOS x self 4.5" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. labiata 'Sherwood' AM/AOS x sib 6" BS Fragrant  
  C. labiata var. rubra 4.5" BS Fragrant  
  C. Landate (leopoldii x aclandiae) 4" b BS Fragrant  
  C. lawrenceana 2-4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. leopoldii  (Dark Pince x Dark) 4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. leopoldii  var. vinicolor 4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. leuteola ('H&R' x "Gold Country') 2"-MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  C. loddigesii fma. alba 'Bridal White' x self 4" NBS/BS    
  C. lueddemanniana ‘Art Chadwick’ x self 2"-4" NBS Fragrant  
  C. lueddemanniana fma. concolor 'Canaima's Bonita' x 'Canaima's Miracle'BM/JGP 4" BS/NBS Fragrant  
  C. lueddemanniana fma. rubra ('Canaima's Panita' x 'Orchid Eros') 2.5" Seedling Fragrant  
  C. lueddemanniana 'Karelis' x 'Canaimas Full Moon' HCC/AOS 4" BS Fragrant  
  C. lueddemanniana 'Karelis' x 'Mariangeluz' 4" BS Fragrant  
  C. lueddemanniana v. coerulea 4" BS Fragrant  
  C. maxima ‘Chadwicks Dark’ 5-6" BS Fragrant  
  C. maxima var. coerulea ('Blue Ice' x 'Big Island') 5" B NBS Fragrant  
  C. mossiae 3"-4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. mossiae fma alba 'Alvaro Perriera'x C. lueddemanniana fma alba 4" NBS/BS Fragrant  
NEW Cattleya Motte Spot x Hilo Grand 3.5" NBS    
  C. nobilior 'Canaima'sTamara' AM/AOS x 'Fatal Attraction' 3"C NBS Fragrant  
  C. nobilior 'Don Rafael Wenzel' x 'Fatal Attraction' 3"C NBS Fragrant  
  C. nobilior var. coerulea  6/3" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  C. nobilor var. amelea 5"C BS Fragrant  
  C. Opalescent (C. Clinton Lewis 'Orchid Dynasty' AM/AOS x C. nobilior var. amaliae) 3.5" NBS/BS    
NEW C. Orpetii (C. pumila alba x C. coccinea)  3" BS    
  C. percivaliana x sib 3.5" NBS Fragrant  
  C. percevalliana  alba ‘Christmas Cheer’ 4-5" BS Fragrant  
  C. porphyroglossa 4" b NBS Fragrant  
  C. quadricolor (chocoensis) 4-5" BS Fragrant  
  C. schilleriana x sib 3" BS Fragrant  
  C. schofeildiana x sib 5" BS Fragrant  
  C. trianae 'E4' x self (Mooreana type) 4" NBS Fragrant  
  C. trianae 'Jungle Queen'AM/AOS x 'Cashen's'FCC/AOS 4" NBS Fragrant  
  C. violacea  'Muse' FCC x self 4" NBS Fragrant  
  C. violacea semi alba  3" Seedling Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana ‘Mont Azul’ x self 4"-MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana alba 3"-MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana 'Estrela da Colina' HCC/AOS  x 'Mirtha Isabel' AM/AOS 4"C BS Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana 'Miranda' x 'Estrela da Colina' HCC/AOS 4"C BS Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana semi-alba 3"C B Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana v. Semi-Alba 'Tanaka' x sib MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  C. walkeriana x jenmanii 4" BS Fragrant  
  C. walkerina var. coruelea 3"C BS Fragrant  
  C. warneri 3" NBS Fragrant  
  C. warscewiczii 'Michael', AM/AOS x 'Stewart's Meteor' 2" Seedling Fragrant  
  Catasetum expansum 4" BS    
  Caularthron bicornutum (divisions) 5" BS    
  Ceratichilus bigladulosus MOUNTS BS    
  Ceratostylis rubra  4"- MOUNTS BS    
NEW Ceratostylis philippinensis 2"- Mounts  BS    
  Ceratocentron fesselii MOUNTS BS    
  Christiansoniana vietnamense 2"C-MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Chysis bractescens MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Chysis limminghei 4" BS Fragrant  
  Cochleanthes amazonica 4"-6" BS    
  Coelogne pulchella 3" NBS/BS    
  Coelogyne schilleriana  MOUNTS BS    
  Comporettia macroplectron 3"b-MOUNTS BS    
  Comparettia speciosa 3"b BS    
  Coryanthes feildingii  5"b BS Fragrant  
  Coryanthes macrantha 5"b BS Fragrant  
  Cryptochilus sanguinea 4" BS    
  Cynoches barthiorum 'Pink Dove'  3" BS/NBS Fragrant  
  Cymbidium erythrostylum 5" BS    
  Cynorkis gibbosa 4" BS    
  Cynorkis guttata 4" BS    
  Cyrtorchis arcuata x self MOUNTS NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Cyrtorchis chailluana 2.5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. abberans 2.5" BS    
  Den. albosanguineum 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. amboienses 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. amethystaglossa x sib. 4" BS    
  Den. anceps x sib 2" BS    
  Den. aphyllum 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. atroviolaceum v. compactum 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. auriculatum x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. bellatulum x sib MOUNTS BS    
  Den. bensonii MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. bigibbum (‘Pink’ x self) 3" BS    
  Den. Blue Twinkle 4" BS    
  Den. bracteosum  MOUNTS BS    
  Den. bullenium x sib MOUNTS NBS    
  Den. canaliculatum x sib 2"b-MOUNTS NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Den. champorense 3"C BS    
  Den. chrysotoxum  MOUNTS BS    
  Den. chrysotoxum var. suavissimum 5" BS/NBS Fragrant  
  Den. cinnabarinum MOUNTS NS    
  Den. convexipes x sib (Select Forms) 3"C/MOUNTS BS    
  Den. cretaceum (polyanthum) 5" BS Fragrant  
NEW Den. crispatum 3"  BS    
  Den. crysocrepis MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Den. cucumerinum MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Den. cuthbertsonii  (Pink and Pink with white tips) 2"-3" BS    
  Den. cymboglossum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. dearii 4" BS    
  Den. exile x sib 3"/MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. falconerii x sib. MOUNTS BS    
  Den. findlyanum 5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. formosum x sib 3-4" BS    
  Den. formosum var. giganteum 4" BS    
  Den. Frosty Dawn  4"/2" BS/Seedlings Fragrant  
  Den. Frosty Dawn 'Yen' 2-4" BS    
  Den. goldschmidtianum (miyakii) 6"B BS    
  Den. Green Lantern (cruentum x Dawn Maree) 4" BS    
  Den. griffithianum x sib 5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. Hawaiian Spectacular 4" BS    
  Den. harveyanum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. hughii MOUNTS BS    
  Den. indivisum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. infundibulum  4" BS    
  Den. jiewhoei MOUNTS BS    
  Den. johannis var. nigrescens  2"  BS Fragrant  
  Den. kingianum x sib. 4"C BS Fragrant  
  Den. lambii MOUNTS BS    
  Den. lamellatum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. lamyiae x sib 2" pots BS Fragrant  
  Den. lingueforme MOUNTS NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Den. linquelliae  5"B BS Fragrant  
NEW Den. loddigessii x sib 3"/MOUNTS BS    
  Den. Lori's Star 4"C BS    
  Den. microbulbon  MOUNTS BS    
  Den. miniense x sib 3"-MOUNTS BS    
  Den. moniliforme (select forms) 3"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. Nestor (superbum x parishii) 4" BS    
  Den. obtusisepalum x sib. 4" NBS/BS    
  Den. oligophyllum 2" BS    
  Den. parishii v. rubra 2" BS Fragrant  
  Den. pachyphyllum  MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. pendulum 4"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. pendunculatum x sib. 2-4"C NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Den. Peng Seng (tobaense x cruentum) 4" BS    
  Den. piranha MOUNTS BS    
NEW Dendrobium rhodopterygium var. semi-alba 4.5"  BS    
  Den. Sweet One (Den. Platinum x dearei) 2" Seedling    
  Den. prasinum x sib  4"C BS    
  Den. Precious Pearl (cruentum x margaritaceum) 4" BS    
  Den. prenticie MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. psuedolamellatum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. purpureum var. alba 4"C BS    
  Den. Roy Tokunaga  4" BS    
  Den. sanderae var. Luzonica 2"-4" Seedlings/BS  
NEW Den. sanderae var. Majus 4" BS    
  Den. seccundum x sib. 5" BS    
  Den. senile  MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. Silver Wings (Den. johnsoniae x Den. eximium) 4" BS    
  Den. smilliae x sib. 6"C BS    
  Den. Specio-kingianum ‘Crystal’ 3.5"C BS Fragrant  
  Den. spectabile x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. sulcatum x sib MOUNTS BS    
  Den. superbum var. alba x sib (anosmum) 4-5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. superbum var. huttonii MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Den. superbum var. huttonii ('Blue Lip' x sib) 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. superbum x sib (anosmum) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Den. tannii var. alba x sib. MOUNTS BS    
  Den. tetragonum  MOUNTS BS    
  Den. tetragonum var. alba  MOUNTS BS    
  Den. tobaense var. giganteum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. tobaense x suzukii 2"C BS    
NEW Dendrobium toressae MOUNTS BS    
  Den. trantuanii x sib. 2.5"/MOUNTS BS    
  Den. triginopus 'Golden Viper' HCC/CCM/AOS x 'Orchid Dynasty' 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  Den. trinervum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. unicum MOUNTS BS    
  Den. unicum 'Big Boy' X sib 3"B BS Fragrant  
  Den. waselii 3"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Dendrobium williamsianum 3" b BS    
  Den. X usitae 3" NBS    
  Dendrochillum formosanum x sib MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Dendrochillum glumaceum 4" BS Fragrant  
  Dendrochillum magnum 4" BS Fragrant  
  Dendrochillum parvulam 2" BS    
  Dendrochillum propinquum  3" BS Fragrant  
  Dendrochillum tenillum MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
NEW Dendrochilum yuccaefolium 3" BS Fragrant  
  Dinema polybulbon MOUNTS BS    
NEW Diplocaulobium stelliferum 3" BS    
  Dracula bella x sib 4" BS    
NEW Dracula chaemera 'Pacifica' FCC/AOS 5" basket BS    
  Dracula lotax 2"-5" BS    
NEW Dracula polyphemus 'Hawk Hill' 5" basket BS    
  Dracula vampira 4"b BS    
  Encyclia aspera 3" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia alata 4-5" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia boothiana  MOUNTS/2" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia (syn. Panarica) brassivolae 6"C BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia ceratistes 3" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia citrina MOUNTS NBS    
  Encyclia codigera x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia dichroma 4" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia fowliei MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia mariae 4" BS Fragrant  
NEW Encyclia megalantha 'Naural World' AM/AOS x sib 3" NBS Fragrant  
  Encyclia osmantha 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia plicata var. alba 3"/MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  E. phoenicia 'Dark' x 'Orchid Eros' HCC/AOS 2" NBS Fragrant  
  Encyclia profusa  4" b BS    
NEW Encyclia prismatocarpum x sib 5" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia radiata 5" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia randii 3.5" BS Fragrant  
  Encyclia vitelina 4" BS    
  Epicattleya Middleburg 'MAJ' 4" BS Fragrant  
  Epidendrum melanoporpyreum 2"  BS    
  Epidendrum porpax var. alba 'Green Mountain'  MOUNTS BS    
NEW Epidendrum ciliare 4" BS    
NEW Epidendrum longirepens        
  Epidendrum nocturnum 3" BS Fragrant  
  Epidendrum porpax x sib MOUNTS BS    
  Epicat Rene Marquis 'Flame Thrower' 4" BS    
  Epicat Dark Fire (Trene Marquis x melanoporyreaum) 4.5" BS    
  Euanthe (Vanda)  sanderiana v. alba 4" BS    
  Euanthe (Vanda)  sanderiana x sib (compact form) 4" BS    
  Eurychone rothschildiana 3"- MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Eurychone galeandrae  3" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Fdk. After Dark sunset Valley Orchids' FCC/AOS 4" BS    
  Gastrochilus obliquus MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Gastrochillus japonicus MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Gomesa crispa 4"b BS Fragrant  
  Gomesa novaesae 3" BS    
  Gomesa sarcodes 3" BS    
  Gongora aurea x sib 4" NBS Fragrant  
  Gongora gratulabunda 5" BS Fragrant  
  Gongora armeniaca MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Grosourdya appendiculata MOUNTS BS    
NEW Grosourdya muscosa MOUNTS BS    
  Habenaria carnea 3-4" BS/NBS    
  Habenaria carnea v. alba Tubers      
  Habenaria ericmicheali 'Cardinals Roost' 4" BS    
  Habenaria lindleyana 3"/4" BS    
  Habenaria medusea 4" BS    
  Habenaria Regneiri (carnea x rhodocheila) 4" BS    
  Habenaria rhodocheila  4" BS    
NEW Haraella retrocalla MOUNTS BS    
  Holcoglossum amesianum 3"b BS Fragrant  
  Holcoglossum flavescens MOUNTS BS    
  Holcoglossum nujiangense        
  Holcoglossum subulifolium MOUNTS NBS    
  Holcoglossum wangii MOUNTS BS    
  Holcostylis MS Sunlight (Holcoglossum flavescens x Rhynchostylis gigantea) MOUNTS NBS    
  Ionopsis utricularioides MOUNTS BS    
  Jumangis Star of Comoros (Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta "Yoga Flame' X Jumellea comoroense 'Dynasty') MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Jumellea arborescens MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Jumellea comoroense 2"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Kefersteinia mystacidii MOUNTS BS    
  Kegeliella atropilosa 3"b NBS/BS    
  Kingidium deliciosa x sib 3"-MOUNTS BS    
  Kingidium hookerianum x sib MOUNTS BS    
  L. aloarii x sib 4" BS    
NEW L. anceps ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS (Division) 6" BS Fragrant  
  L. anceps alba 'Orchid Dynasty' (divisions) 5"  BS    
  L. anceps var. Guerro 'Shadow Boxer' 8"B BS Fragrant  
  L. bradei  2" NBS/BS    
  L. breigeri 'Orchid Eros' x 'Star of Brazil' HCC/AOS 2.5"c BS    
NEW L. briegeri x L. milleri 3"c BS    
  L. cinnabariana x self 2.5-4" NBS/BS    
  L. dayana v. coerulea 3.5" BS    
  L. dayana x sib 2"-MOUNTS BS    
  L. endsfeldzii 'Valley Isle' x L. endsfeldzii 'Pauwela'  2" BS    
  L. fiddlensis 4" BS    
  L. harpophyla x sib MOUNTS BS    
  L. Icarus  2.5" NBS    
  L. jongheana 'Diamond Orchids' x 'Elena' HCC/AOS 3" NBS    
  L. lucasiana  3" NBS    
  L. milleri 'Big Island' HCC/AOS x 'Carolina' 2.5"c Seedling    
  L. milleri x sib MOUNTS NBS    
  L. perenii 5-6" BS Fragrant  
  L. praestans 4" BS    
  L. praestans var. alba x self  3" BS    
  L. pumila 'Orchid Dynasty' HCC/AOS (Divisions) 3"C-6"B BS    
  L. pumila x sib 4" BS    
NEW L. pumila var. alba 4" BS    
  L. purpurata v. alba 'Suspenders' (divisions) 5" NBS/BS    
  L. sanguiloba 2" NBS    
NEW L. Shelly Huynh (L. dayana x alaorii) 3"  BS    
  L. sincorana 2.5"C NBS    
  Lc. Mini Purple var. coerulea  3" BS Fragrant  
  Lepanthes calodictyon MOUNTS BS    
  Lepanthes gargoyla MOUNTS BS    
  Lepanthes tentaculta MOUNTS BS    
  Leptotes pohlitinocoi  3" BS    
  Leptotes bicolor 3" BS    
NEW Leptotes bicolor var. alba 3"  BS    
NEW Listrostachys pertusa 4" BS    
  Ludisia discolor 3" BS    
  Lycaste aromatica x macrophyllum 4" BS Fragrant  
NEW Macropodanthus alatus 'Natural World' CBR/AOS MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Malleola seidenfadenia MOUNTS BS    
  Masdevallia ayabacana 'Baker Street' AM/AOS 4" BS    
  Masdevallia callura 3" BS    
  Masdevallia chaparensis 2-4" BS    
NEW Masdevallia collina 3" BS    
  Masdevallia descendens 3"B BS    
  Masdevallia don quijote 3-4" MOUNTS BS    
  Masdevallia Dragon Tongue (ignea x macrura) 'Dynasty' 3" Divisions BS    
  Masdevallia erinacea 2" BS    
  Masdevallia glandulosa MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Masdevallia guttulata MOUNTS BS    
  Masdevallia hirtzii 3" B BS    
  Masdevallia infracta 'Red' 3"c BS    
  Masdevallia leucantha 3"B BS    
  Masdevallia Machu Picchu 'Crown Point' 4"-5" BS    
  Masdevallia Margurite 'Lehua 12 Mile' AM/AOS 2" BS    
  Masdevallia mejiana 3"B BS    
  Masdevallia norops 3" BS    
  Masdevallia pinocchio x sib 3" BS    
  Masdevallia princeps 3"B BS    
  Masdevallia princeps x vietchiana 3" BS    
  Masdevallia prodigiosa x sib 2"-Mounts BS    
  Masdevallia Shinichi Komoda 2" BS    
  Masdevallia shroederae 2" BS    
  Masdevallia wendworthianum 2" BS    
  Maxillaria fractoflexa 5" BS    
  Maxillaria gracillis 3"c BS    
  Maxillaria sangunea x sib 4" NBS/BS    
  Maxillaria schunkiana 3" BS    
 NEW Maxillaria sophronitis 3" BS    
  Maxillaria tenuifolia 4" BS Fragrant  
NEW Maxillaria tenuifolia 'Yamada' AM/AOS (Yellow form) 2" BS Fragrant  
  Mediocalcar bifolium MOUNTS BS    
  Mediocalcar decoratum 3"c BS    
  Microsaccus grifithii MOUNTS BS    
  Miltonia spectabillis var. rosea 6" BS Fragrant  
  Miltonia spectabillis var. semi alba 5" BS Fragrant  
NEW Miltonia spectabilis `Royalty', AM/AOS x sib 4" BS Fragrant  
  Miltoniopsis santanae  4" BS Fragrant  
  Miltoniopsis vexillaria 'Artic Moon' x self 4" NBS Fragrant  
  Monn. Millenium Magic 'Witch Craft' AM/AOS 4" BS Fragrant  
  Mormodes andretea 3" NBS    
  Neofinetia falcata 'Koto' x self 2" NBS Fragrant  
  Neofinetia falcata 'Mem. Bill Shiotani' AM/AOS 4"C DIVISIONS BS Fragrant  
NEW Neofinetia falcata 'Pink Shower' x V. (Neof.) falcata 'Lavender Dream' 2" Seedling Fragrant  
NEW Neofinetia falcata 'Cherry Blossom'x V. (Neof.) falcata 'Purple Fantasy 2" Seedling Fragrant  
  Neofinetia falcata 'Ogonamaru' x sib 2"C NBS Fragrant  
  Neofinetia falcata 'Pink' x self 3"c BS Fragrant  
  Neofinetia falcata (Amami Island Form) 2" BS Fragrant  
  Neostyllis Lou Sneary 'Blue Bird' 2-3" NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Neostyllis Pinky 'Starry Night' 2"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Oberonia longissima MOUNTS BS    
  Oberonia sp. (miniature from Philippines) MOUNTS BS    
  Oceoclades maculata  2"-4" NBS/BS    
  Oceoclades spathulifera 2-3" NBS    
  Odontoglossum cirrhosum x sib 5" BS    
  Odontoglossum cordatum x sib 4" BS    
  Oenia oncidiflora MOUNTS BS    
  Oncidium ampliatum MOUNTS BS    
  Oncidium cebollata MOUNTS BS    
NEW Onc. Jiuhbao Gold 'Tainan' AM/AOS 4" BS    
  Oncidium cheirophorum 3" BS Fragrant  
  Oncidium croesus 3" BS    
  Oncidium fuscatum v. alba  4" BS Fragrant  
  Oncidium incurvum v. alba 4" BS    
  Oncidium mantense 5" BS    
NEW Oncidium phymatochilum 4"-MOUNTS BS    
  Oncidium pusilla MOUNTS BS    
  Oncidium stacyi x sib 3"c NBS    
  Oncidium spectatissimum 4.5" BS Fragrant  
  Ornithophora radicans 4"b BS    
NEW Pe. Wow's White Fairies (Pec. susannae x Hab. medusa) 2"  NBS    
  Paph. acmodatum x sib  3.5" BS    
  Paph. amabile x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. appletonianum v. alba 4" BS    
  Paph. appletonianum x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. argus  3" BS    
  Paph. Armeni White (armeniacum x delenatii) 4" BS    
  Paph. armeniacum 'Gold Egg' x sib 2" Seedling    
  Paph. barbatum  'gigantea' 3.5" BS    
  Paph. barbatum var. nigritum  3.5" BS    
  Paph. barbatum x sib 3.5" BS    
  Paph. bellatullum 'Red Orb' x sib 3"/4" BS    
  Paph. Bernice (lowii x phillippinense) 5" BS    
  Paph. callosum  var. thailandense 4" BS    
NEW Paph. callosum 'Hilo Fire' AM/AOS x sib 4"  BS    
  Paph. chamberlanianum x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. Charmingly Stoned (Stone Lovely x In-Charm Topaz) 4" BS    
  Paph. ciliolore 3" BS    
  Paph. concolor ‘acount’ x sib 3" BS    
  Paph. concolor var. striatum 4" BS    
  Paph. Crouching Tiger (Bel Royal 'Lightness' x philippinense f. alboflavum 'Clarity') 6" BS    
  Paph. dayanum 3.5" BS    
  Paph. delenatii 4" BS    
  Paph. delenatii v. alba 4" BS    
  Paph. delenatii v. vinicolor 4" BS    
  Paph. dianthum v. alba 4" BS    
  Paph. dianthum  6" BS    
  Paph. Dick Wagner (Fanaticum '#59' x bellatulum '#5') 3" NBS    
  Paph. Deperle (primulinum ‘Flutter’ x  delenatii ‘Morning Pink’) 4" BS    
  Paph. Druid Avalon (druyi x Avalon Mist) 4-5" BS    
  Paph. Druid Spring (druyi x primulinum) 5" BS    
  Paph. druryi 'The King' AM/AOS x self 4.5" NBS    
  Paph. emersonii ('1' x sib) 3-4" NBS    
  Paph. fowleii v. alba 3" BS    
  Paph. Fanaticum (micranthum x malipoense) 4" NBS/BS    
NEW Paph. Fanaticum '#6' x hangianum '#60' 3" S/NBS    
  Paph. Franz Glanz (armeniacum x emersonii) 4" BS    
  Paph. Fumi's Delight (micranthum x armeniaum) 4" BS    
  Paph. gardineri x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. glaucophyllum x sib 4" BS    
NEW Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle (rothschildianum x micranthum) 4"  NBS/BS    
  Paph. godfroyae x sib  4" BS    
  Paph. gratrixianum 4" BS    
  Paph. Green Envy (primulinum x malipoense) 4" NBS    
  Paph. Golden Palace (Memoria Larry Heuer x armeniacum) 4" NBS    
  Paph. hainanese 3" BS    
  Paph. hangii 'Perfection' x  '#2'  3" S/NBS    
  Paph. helenae x Jolly Green Gem 4" BS    
NEW Paph. helenae x sib 2" BS    
  Paph. hennisianum ('Machone' x sib) 4" BS    
  Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara x kolopakingii v. Topperi 5" BS    
  Paph. henryanum 'Bear' x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. hirsuitissimum var. esquirolie  3" NBS/BS    
  Paph. hirsuitissimum var. hirsuitissimum  3" BS    
  Paph. hirsutissimum v. alba 3" NBS    
  Paph. Ho Chi Minh (vietnamense x delenatii v. Dunkel) 4"/5" BS    
  Paph. Honey (phillippinense x primulianum) 4-5" BS    
  Paph. hookerae 'malingham' HCC x 'Joanid' x sib 2-3" BS    
  Paph. hookerae v. volonteanum 3-4" BS    
  Paph. Hung Shen Eagle (gigantifolium 'Hsinying' SM/TOGA x roths 'K.H.W. SM/TPS) 5" BS    
NEW Paph. Jade Dragon (farrienum x malipoense) 3" NBS/BS    
  Paph. javanicum 3.5" NBS/BS    
  Paph. Joyce Hasegawa (delenatii x emersonii) 4" BS    
  Paph. Judge Phillip (Pinoccio x philippinense) 4" BS    
  Paph. Julius (lowii' Wilber' AM/AOS x rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS ) 5" NBS/BS    
  Paph. Lady Isabel (roth x stonei) 6" BS    
  Paph. leuchochillum 4" NBS/BS    
NEW Paph. Leucochilum x thaianum 2" BS    
NEW Paph. Liberty Taiwan (micranthum x hangianum) 3"  NBS    
  Paph. liemianum ('Jade King' x sib) 4" BS    
  Paph. lowii v. album 4" BS    
  Paph. lowii ('Uncle Frank x Hsinying') 5" BS    
  Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz (malipoense x delenatii v. Dunkel) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Paph. Ma Belle (malipoense x bellatullum) 4" BS    
  Paph. Magic Lantern (delenatii x micranthum) 3" NBS/BS    
  Paph. malipoense x sib 2",4.5" Seedlings/BS Fragrant  
  Paph. malipoense x vietnamense 3" NBS    
NEW Paph. mastersianum x sib (multiple breeding lines) 4" BS/NBS    
  Paph. Mem. Gordon Peters (Julius Irving 'At Last' x philippinense f. alboflavum)   5" BS    
  Paph. Mem. Larry Heuer (emersonii x malipoense) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Paph. Michael Koopowitz (philippinense '#44' x sanderianum 'PIC 100') 4.5" NBS/BS    
NEW Paph. micranthum v. eburneum x sib. 2" NBS    
  Paph. micranthum x sib 4" NBS/BS    
  Paph. Mint Chocolate (malipoense x luecochillum) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Paph. Moon Dreaming (Deperle 'White Conquest' x Hsinying Island 'Snowball') 4" BS    
  Paph. Moon Stone (Deperle 'White Conquest' x Stone Lovely 'Lehua Butter Puff) 4" BS    
  Paph. Muriel's Pearl (Deperle ‘Wingspan’ x Muriel Constance ‘Low Ball’) 4" BS    
  Paph. Mystic Isle (Greyi x niveum 'In Charm' BM/TPS) 3-4"  BS    
NEW Paph. niveum 'Smile of Goddess' sib 'Witchen'  2"-3"-4" BS    
  Paph. niveum x hangianum 4" BS    
  Paph. Norito Hasegawa (malipoense x emersonii) 4" BS    
  Paph. Palani Quintal (Memoria Miguel Medina x philippinense) 5" BS    
  Paph. parishii x lowii 4-5" BS    
  Paph. phillippinense v. alboflavum 4" BS    
NEW Paph. Prince Edward of York (rothschildianum 'Early Bird' x sanderianum 'Kamakani') 5-6" BS    
  Paph. primulinum v. purpurescens 4" BS    
  Paph. purpuratum x sib  4" BS    
  Paph. papuanum (syn. ziekianum) 2.5" NBS    
  Paph. randsii 4" NBS    
  Paph. Raydeen (parishii x dianthum) 5" BS    
  Paph. richardianum  'Purple Heart' x sib 4"-5" NBS/BS    
  Paph. rothschildianum 'Dou Fang' x 'Green Valley' 5" NBS/BS    
  Paph. rothschildianum 'Hilo Sunrise' x rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS  5" BS    
NEW Paph. sanderianum 'Chou-Hua Red' (Petal 2.65 x 76 cm) sanderianum 'Select' (2.7 x 90cm) 5" BS    
  Paph. sangii var. ajubianum 3.5" NBS    
  Paph. spicerianum ('Wavy Gravy' x 'Bostocks') 3"-4" BS    
  Paph. spicerianum x Victoria Mariae  4" BS    
  Paph. stonei x sib 5" NBS    
  Paph. sukhakulii var. alba (select breeding) 2" Seedling    
  Paph. sukhakulii x liemianum 3" NBS    
  Paph. sukhukulii 'Sheila' x sib 2-4" BS    
  Paph. sukhukulii x sib 'Los Osos' x 'Gloria' 2-4" BS    
  Paph. sukhakulii 'Big' x sib 'Windsong Buzz' HCC/AOS 4" BS    
  Paph. superbiens 4" BS    
  Paph. superbiens v. curtisii 'St. Marys AM/AOS x 'Sky Rocket' AM/AOS 4" BS    
  Paph. superbiens var. album x sib ('C.H. Select' x 'Tokoyo' BM/JOGA BS 3.5" BS    
  Paph. Temptation (philippinense f. alboflavum 'Sterling'  x kolopakingii var. Topperi) 5" BS    
  Paph. thaianum 3" BS    
  Paph. tigrinum 4" NBS/Seedling  
  Paph. tonsum (1/2 album x sib) 4" BS    
  Paph. tonsum ('Mini Dark' x sib) 3" BS    
  Paph. tranlieanum x sib. 3" BS/NBS    
  Paph. urbanianum x sib 4" BS    
  Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. venustum x sib 2-4" BS    
  Paph. venustum v. Measurianum x sib 4" BS    
  Paph. venustum x fairrianum 3" NBS    
  Paph. vietnamense 4" BS    
  Paph. villosum var. annamense ‘Chaks Warrior' AM/AOS x self 4" BS    
  Paph. vietnamense x micranthum 4" BS    
  Paph. violescens x sib (select) 3" Seed/NBS    
  Paphiopedilum volonteanum x sib 3" NBS/BS    
  Paph. wardii ('Gothic' x 'Green') 4" BS    
  Paph. wardii ('Freckles' HCC/AOS x sib) 2"-4" BS    
  Paph. William Ambler (whilhelmiana x roth) 5" BS    
  Paph. William Ambler x roth 5" BS    
NEW Paph. William Lewis (Death Poem 'Shadow Boxer' AM/AOS X Magical Contrasts 'Thunder Clap' AM/AOS) 4" BS    
NEW Paph. Wossner Vietnam Gold (armeniacum x vietnamense) 4" BS    
  Paraphalaenopsis labukensis MOUNTS BS    
  Pecteilis susannae 4" BS    
NEW Pelatantheria insectifera MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. amabilis 4n 4"-MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. amboensis 5" BS    
  Phal. bellina v. coerulea  2" Seedlings Fragrant  
  Phal. bellina (Big x Big Green) 4"-Mounts BS Fragrant  
  Phal. bellina v. alba 4" BS Fragrant  
  Phal. cornu-cervi 4" BS    
NEW Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi `Yellow' x sib 4" NBS/BS    
  Phal. cornu-cervi x amboensis 4" BS    
  Phal. Dragon Tree Eagle (Penang Girl x Black Eagle) MOUNTS BS    
  Phalaenopsis fasciata x sib 3" BS    
  Phal. gibbosa 2"c-MOUNTS NBS    
  Phal. gigantea x sib. 5-6" BS    
  Phal. heiroglyphica 5" BS    
  Phal. inscriptiosinensis 3" NBS    
  Phal. javanicum 3" NBS    
  Phal. Joushua Irwin Ginsberg 4" BS    
  Phal. leuddemanniana v. pulchra 4" BS    
  Phal. leuddemanniana x sib 4"-MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. lindenii xsib 2"-MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. mannii x self MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. parishii x sib 3"c BS    
  Phal. phillippinsense x sib.  4"-MOUNTS BS/NBS    
  Phal. pulcherrima v. alba 4" BS    
  Phal. regnieriana (Laos) 2" NBS    
  Phal. schilleriana  4" BS    
  Phal. speciosa var. christiana x sib 4" BS    
  Phal. stuartiana  x schilleriana 3-4" BS    
  Phal. stuartiana v. nobilis  MOUNTS BS    
  Phal. sumatrana MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
NEW Phal. tetrapsis  x sib 3" BS    
  Phal. tetrapsis v. alba 4"b BS    
  Phal. violacea   4"  BS Fragrant  
  Phal. violacea ('Red USA' x self) MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Phal. violacea v. alba MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Phal. violacea v. coerulea 2" Seedlings Fragrant  
  Phalaenopsis wilsonii MOUNTS BS    
  Phloeophila carrolloi MOUNTS BS    
NEW Phragmipedium Vintaine des mathias (Sunset Glow 4N x kovachii 'Bird Man' FCC/AOS) 4"  BS    
NEW Phramipedium Paul Eugene Conroy (wallisii x longifolium) 4"  BS    
NEW Plectheranthus caudatus 4" BS    
  Pleurothalis alleni x sib 3"B BS    
NEW Pleurothallis leptotifolia        
  Pleurothalis luctuosa x sib 3"B BS    
  Pleurothallis  perijaensis 3" BS    
  Podangis dactyliceris 2"-4"-MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Polystachia ottonia 2" BS Fragrant  
  Polystachia paniculata 4" BS    
  Ponerorchis graminifolia 4" BS    
  Porpax lanii MOUNTS BS    
  Promenea Chameleon 4" BS    
  z 5" NBS/BS    
  Prosthechea ionophlebia 4" BS Fragrant  
  Prosthechea radiata 5" BS Fragrant  
  Psychopsis Mariposa 3.5" BS    
  Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS 4" BS    
  Psychopsis papilio   4" BS    
  Psychopsis papilio v. alba MOUNTS BS    
  Pteroceras semi-teretifolia MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  ‎Pteroceras longicalcareum MOUNTS BS    
  Renenthara citrina 2" Seedlings    
  Renenthara coccinea 4"-MOUNTS NBS    
  Renenthara imshootiana 4" NBS/BS    
  Renenthara Memoria Robin Musolino (bella x imschootiana) 2"  NBS/BS    
  Renenthara monachiaca 2" Seedlings/NBS  
  Renenthara monachica x Neof. falcata 'Shutenno' 2"  NBS/BS    
  Renenthara Nanacy Chandler 'Red Dragon' 5"  BS    
  Renenthara vietnamense x sib MOUNTS NBS    
  Restrepia brachypus 'Orange'  3"B BS    
  Restrepia brachypus 'Yellow'  3"B BS    
  Restrepia tsubotae        
  Restrepia xanthophalma  3"B BS    
  Rodriguezia batemanii 2"B BS    
  Rodriguezia lanceolata 5" BS    
NEW Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester 'HOF' 4" BS    
  Rossioglossum williamsianum x sib 4.5" BS    
  Rossioglossum splendens 3" SEEDLINGS  
  Rossioglossum grande  3" SEEDLINGS  
  Rynchistylis coelestis var. alba MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Rynchostylis coelestis (Blue Form) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Rynchostylis coelestis (Pink Form) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Scaphosepalum decorum 3" BS    
  Scaphosepalum rapax 3" BS    
  Schomburgkia exaltata 4" NBS    
  Schomburgkia brysiana 4"  NBS    
  Schoenorchis fragrans MOUNTS BS    
  Schoenorchis gemmata MOUNTS BS    
  Schoenorchis scolopendria  MOUNTS BS    
  Schoenorchis seidenfadenia MOUNTS BS    
  Schonorchis fragrans MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Sedirea japonica   3" BS    
  Sedirea japonica 'Minmaru' MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Seidenfadenia mitrata MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Slc. Cirlce of Life  (Select Crosses) 3.5" BS    
  Slc. Seagulls Apricot 'Blonde Babe' AM/AOS x  Circle of Life 3.5"  BS    
  Sobenokofia robusta 4"-5" NBS/BS    
  Sophronitis alagoensis 4" b BS    
  Soph. brevipedunculata 2"C BS Fragrant  
  Sophronitis cernua 2"/MOUNTS BS    
  Sophronitis coccineae (‘Red Fire’ x self) 3" BS    
  Sophronitis coccineae 4N 4" c BS    
  Sophronitis coccinia "Oakhill' x self 3" BS    
  Sophronitis coccinea x C. nobilior var.amaliae 3" BS    
  Sophronitis rosea (select forms) 2-3"c BS    
  Sophronitis wittigeana (select forms) 2" c NBS/BS    
  Stereochilus dalatensis MOUNTS BS    
  Tetramicra canaliculata 5" C BS    
  Ticoglossum oerstedii 3" BS Fragrant  
  Thrixspermum acuminatissamum MOUNTS BS    
  Thrixspermum trichoglottis MOUNTS BS    
  Thunia Gatoense 6"C BS    
  Trias nasuta MOUNTS BS    
  Trichocentrum lanceanum 4" BS    
  Trichocentrum popowianum MOUNTS BS    
  Trichoglottis triflora MOUNTS BS    
  Trichoglottis putida  MOUNTS BS    
  Trisetella abbreviata MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Trisetella huebneri MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Tuberlabium kotoense 'Doc' x self 3"/MOUNTS BS Fragrant  
  Vanda (Ascda.)  Muang Thong 'White With Red Lip'  4"b BS    
  Vanda  Bangsai Queen x Manuvadee 4"b BS    
  Vanda coerulea x sib  4"b BS    
  Vanda coerulea (compact form) 4"b/MOUNTS NBS/BS    
  Vanda coerulescens x sib (Pink Form) MOUNTS BS    
  Vanda cristata 'Purple Lip' x tesselata 4"b NBS/BS Fragrant  
  Vanda denissoniana (orange form)  4"b BS Fragrant  
  Vanda javieriae MOUNTS NBS    
  Vanda Kulwadee Fragrance 'No. 27' 5" BS Fragrant  
  Vanda Pachara Delight 'Pachara' FCC/JOGA 5" BS    
  Vanda Pachara Delight 'Dark Purple Blue'  5" BS    
  Vanda Pachara 'Red Maroon' 5" BS    
  Vanda Peaches (falcata x curvifolium) 4" b BS    
  Vanda Pimchai 'Kalapana' 4" NBS/BS    
  Vanda Rothchildianum 'Haiku' x Pakchong Blue 4-5" BS    
  Vanda sanderiana x sib 4" b BS    
  Vanda Sanderiana x Dr Anek 4n Udom 1055 "Two Tone" 4-5" BS    
  Vanda tesselata 'Black' x sib MOUNTS NBS Fragrant  
  Vandopsis mariottiana  4" BS    
  Vandopsis parishii 4" BS Fragrant  
  Ascda. Suksamran Gold 4N x (Suksamran Spots x Dhongchai Pusuvat) 4" NBS/BS    
  Vandafinetia White Crane (sanderiana x falcata) 4" BS Fragrant  
  Vanilla imperialis 'DBG' HCC/AOS (cuttings) 6"c BS Fragrant  
  Vanilla planifolia (varigated form) 6" BS    
  Vascostyllis Viboon Velvet 4.5" BS    
  Van. Fuchs Ocean Spray (Van. Lou Sneary x Rhy. coelestis) 2" NBS Fragrant  
NEW Zootrophion hypodiscus 3" BS