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  • 73% Chocolate Bar 
Sourced from Namau Village on the exotic islands of Fiji, you’ll notice this cacao is distinctly unique when compared to those sourced from more traditional origins. It’s rich flavor and delightful aroma will heighten all your senses and create an experience unlike any other.
  • 66% Chocolate Bar
With a strong cocoa and tannic flavor at the start, this Nicaraguan Trinitario-type cacao releases plum and strawberry notes blended in its sweet chocolaty aftertaste. This may be the most favored bar of all presented today.
  • 62% Chocolate Bar
Origin blend from the Northern Mountains of Nicaragua with a mature, robust fruity profile.


* Flavors:

Product Description

Pitch Dark place priority in the quality of the cacao as well as on the finished chocolate products.  They ensure quality of the products by keeping close relations with their cacao bean suppliers.  They love taking trips in origin when searching out new cacao farmers and when maintaining  their relationships with cacao suppliers.  They believe the whole supply chain is connected and should be nurtured. 

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