Brassovola nodosa ('Dynasty Giant' x 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS)

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Brassovola nodosa v. grandiflora ('Dynasty Giant' x 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS)

(Both parents pictured- seedlings are NBS-BS)

The first to flower of these have been huge, well shaped blooms. A must grow species for any collector, B. nodosa is in our top orchids even for beginners. This is our own remake using the famed 'Susan Fuchs' and crossing it to the best shaped Grandiflora type we've grown. Know as the "Lady of Night" for its nocturnal fragrance.

SEASON: Typically Spring/Summer/Fall but can bloom anytime

TEMPS: Hot- Intermediate

WATERING: Well watered with a slight dry between waterings, should dry more thoroughly in the Winter. Must be well drained

LIGHT:  Bright-Very Bright filtered light

NOTE: These are a seedling population and NOT clones.  It should be understood that although we assure the identity of all of our plants it's very possible to have plants from the same species be slightly different from one another. Any photos shown are images of our actual plants that we have grown and represent the possibility of each plant under proper care but will NOT BE THE PLANT YOU RECEIVE. Please refer to the description of pot size/maturity for actual plant size

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