Dendrobium findlyanum

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Dendrobium findlyanum

Wonderful species with vibrantly colored blooms and unique knobby canes. They also tend to keiki and can become rather bushy


SEASON: Late Winter/ Early Spring

TEMPS: Warm- Intermediate but must experience cool to cold nights in the Winter to induce flowering

WATERING: (Semi-MONSOONAL) In Summer, keep damp but well drained the entire growing season and once growth matures in the late Fall, let media completely dry between waterings. January 1 reduce watering to about one time per month until new growth commences in the Spring then return to Summer schedule

LIGHT:  Filtered, bright- very bright light

NOTE: These are not clones. It should be understood that although we assure the identity of all of our plants it's very possible to have plants from the same species be slightly different from one another. Any photos shown are images of our actual plants that we have grown and represent the possibility of each plant under proper care but will NOT BE THE PLANT YOU RECEIVE. Please refer to the description of pot size/maturity for actual plant size

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