Habenaria Regnieri (rhodocheila x carnea)

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Habenaria Regnieri (rhodocheila x carnea) 

These are seedlings from one of the best primary hybrids among the Habenaria. We have seen mostly intense coral colors so far but some can be a two-tone. These are a new group but we have grown others in to very good sized plants with many spikes after a few seasons. Very nice spotted foliage from the carnea parent


TEMPS: Intermediate- Warm

WATERING: (MONSOONAL) Begin watering once new growth emerges and keep damp the entire growing season, then after blooming reduce watering to once per week and then stop watering by mid-late December. Do not water again until the new growth emerges in the Spring and then repeat cycle

LIGHT: Filtered light, no direct sun

NOTE: These are established divisions of mature stock, all photos represent the actual species/cross

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