Plant Design and Installation Services, Including Orchid Rotation and Weekly Florals, for Your Office or Business


At Orchid Dynasty, we know that a touch of nature can brighten up any workspace. That’s why we offer plant design and installation services - including orchid rotation - as well as weekly florals for our corporate clients. Our experts will work with you to create a custom plan that perfectly complements your office decor while creating a welcoming environment.


Design Consultation

 We can either swing by your office or set up an online meeting to get a better vibe of your space before finalizing the perfect greenery design. We'll suggest options based on light exposure, specific requirements or even incorporate any branding preferences in the final plan.


Plant Selection

 We have an extensive selection of plants available, including succulents, indoor trees like Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees; palm trees amongst others –all fantastic options depending on the environment & aesthetic. After our consultation, we'll recommend plants best suited for your workspace while keeping maintenance needs in mind.


Installation & Maintenance 


 Once you give us the green light on the proposed design and plant selection (pun intended), our team will schedule an installation date convenient for you; ensuring all arrangements are secure in their desired locations so they can do what they do best- brighten up your workspace! We also offer regular plant maintenance services so that all plants continue to look lush even after settling into their new home with us- which includes orchid rotation service so you always have fresh blooms around!


Weekly Florals

 In addition to our plant design and installation services, we also offer weekly floral arrangements for those who want some extra color in their space! Our signature designs are sure to complement any office decor.


Incorporating live greenery and fresh flowers into workspaces has been known to improve air quality & increase productivity which is why it’s important to provide well-designed installations across various industries including commercial buildings or hotels- anywhere there is potential room for improvement.

Give us a shout if you'd like more information about our plant design and installation services or would like us over for an office visit!